Electrical Engineering

serves the Tanzanian society by providing education, research, and public outreach programs in electrical engineering for the benefit of the nation, and the international community...


The department of Electrical Engineering had its first undergraduate intake in 1973 with only 7 students. Since then, the students’ enrollment has increased significantly to currently 60 students per intake.

The Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Dar es Salaam blends a strong undergraduate program with an active research based graduate program to provide its graduates with the fundamental and technical education needed by engineers in a technology driven world.The courses offered by the department of electrical engineering are practical-based to ensure you leave university with not just the theory behind electrical engineering, but also the skills to put that theory into practice. Our research activities equip us with the expertise to educate the next generation of electrical engineers, who will continue to be responsible for major changes to the world that we live in.

The department of electrical engineering puts its main emphasis on technologically oriented courses of study.

A Bachelor degree takes four years and a Masters degree by coursework and dissertation takes 18 months. Masters programme by thesis takes two years. Welcome to the University of Dar es Salaam.




The following is a list of academic staff, technical staff and administrative staff of the Department.


Prof. B. M. M Mwinyiwiwa (AP & HoD)

Prof. D. J. Chambega (P)

Dr. A. L. Kyaruzi (SL)

Dr. M. J. Manyahi (SL)

Dr. B. J. Kundy (SL)

Dr. N. K. Lujara (SL)

Dr. S. Kihwele (L)

Dr. J. Jackson (L)

Dr. F. Mwasilu (L)

Dr. A. T. Mushi (AL)

Mr. A. Salim (AL)

Ms. R. Stephen (AL)

Mr. P. Makolo (AL)

Mr. G. Mhagama (TA)

Mr. M. Msukwa (TA)

Mr. H. Mkindu (TA)

Ms. I. Masenge (TA)

Mr. E. Petro (TA)

Mr. J. Sisala (TA)

Mr. A. Kahwa (TA)

Mr. R. Myovela (TA)

Mr. I.A. Mwammenywa (TA)

Mr. S. Omary (TA)

Ms. J. Valentino (OMS)

Ms. S. Kyomo (Lab. Tech)

Mr. M. Mkwai (Lab. Tech)



The department is involved in the three prime   activities:

Teaching: This is one of the prime obligations of the department which is to provide training in Electrical Engineering.


Research and Publications: To perform research in the interest of a suitable exploitation of natural resources, the department is currently researching on insulation pollution, power quality, lightning and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), wind and photovoltaic hybrid power generation, renewable energy sources and multipurpose power conversion.

 Consultancy and Services: The department provides expert professional services in the form of consultancy to industry, government and other public and private institutions.


Professional Development Programme (PDP): The department offers PDP as part of continuing education for practicing engineers aimed at improving and updating the standard of Electrical Engineering graduates.


Undergraduate Programme: Since the 2012/2013 academic year the department is offering the B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering degree programme at undergraduate level.


Postgraduate Programmes: Postgraduate programmes are offered for various areas of specialization in the department. Various research are conducted and current research projects


include studies on electrical machines design optimization, composite insulators, power quality, EMC and lightning protection, wind and photovoltaic hybrid power generation and multipurpose power converters. Graduate study in the department moves students towards mastery of areas of individual interest. The department offers postgraduate programmes by Coursework and dissertation in the following specializations:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Electrical Power Engineering.
  • M.Sc. in Power Electronics and Electrical


  • M.Sc. In Power Systems and High Voltage


Also the department offers masters by Thesis and there are few candidates carrying Ph.D  studies in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Dar es Salaam.



The department has the following various laboratories for teaching, research and consultancy:

Computing and ICT

  • Undergraduate students’ computer laboratory,
  • Laboratories in the department have good

connection to the internet facilities connected to the University of Dar es Salaam fiber optic network.


Power and High Voltage

  • Power System Laboratory
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • EMC and lightning protection laboratory

Machines and Drives

  • Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Motor Rewinding Shop
  • Measurements and Control Laboratory



Enhancing Academic and Research Competence: The department focuses at increasing the number of research projects, research students and collaborative research projects. Also, the department has started striving for improvement and strengthening of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Improving Gender Balance: The department as of today is heading in improving gender balance both for students and staff.

On students’ enrolment, the department plans at gradually increase the undergraduate enrolment.

Also, the department is striving to solicit postgraduate students’ sponsorship from interested partners.



Space: The department inherited a very constrained scope of expansion.

Staff: The department has small staff to student ratio.

Sponsorship: The increase of enrolment of postgraduate students has stagnated due to inadequate sources of sponsorship.

Equipment: Due to large number of students, the training equipment are becoming insufficient.


Power and High Voltage

  • Power System Laboratory
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • EMC and lightning protection laboratory

Machines and Drives

  • Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Motor Rewinding Shop
  • Measurements and Control Laboratory



University of Dar es Salaam

College of Engineering and Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

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